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Reported by the magazine Time & Leisure in March 2012:

Pain stopped hereĀ  After years of discomfort a Wimbledon resident finds relief on her doorstep.magzine_clipart.jpg

I first called in to Herbal World looking for some kind of pain relief that might ease the muscle pain in my arm and shoulder. I was thinking of tablets that would mot harm the digestive system or a cream that would anaesthetise the pain. I was taking pain killers, not sleeping well and lacked energy. I knew my shoulder joint was quite severely affected by arthritis from a scan and xrays that had recently been done. I was reluctant to undergo surgery which was suggested as the only alternative to a life on painkillers.

At Herbal world I was persuaded to try a course of acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine tailored to my needs. I had experienced acupuncture before which had helped manage the pain and was interested in a more holistic approach. Dr Sophie Lu asked me about all aspects of my limited movement, pain, general health and lifestyle. She checked my pulse, tongue, sleeping patterns, diet, general appearance of skin, hair and general wellbeing.

I started a course of weekly acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine. Each week started with a general health check on pulse, tongue, sleeping patterns, joint pain, and progress in movement. The massage was extremely helpful although I found it quite difficult at times. The muscles of the affected arm and shoulder were weak and painful and had shrunk quite considerably with non use. The acupuncture was very helpful and energising.

Each week after the massage I could move my arm more freely and extend the range of arm movements. The muscles have gradually returned to normal and the pain has reduced considerably. I now sleep well and feel much more in control of my health.

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