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Magzine "Wimbledon Time & Leisure" Reported in April 2012 Issue:

Helping Fertility - Infertility is the concern of many couples these days for a variety of reasons

Herbal World has a substantial and long-standing success rate with treating infertility and supporting couples undergoing or preparing for IVF treatment. Medical research has shown that acupuncture with its holistic approach has increased the success rate of conception with up to a 65%acupuncture_pregnant_rate.jpg fertility rate compared to the 25-35% average rate for patients who undergo vitro fertilization without acupuncture.

Karren had endured a miscarriage of twins before attending Herbal World for acupuncture to support her IVF treatment. She conceived and had a healthy beautiful boy and now has a beautiful little girl as well. She says: "A big thank you to Dr Sophie for helping me have these two beautiful babies. We wouldn't have made it without your assistance."


Kym and Tara who had endured two unsuccessful pregnancies, were about to undergo IVF until they came to see Dr Sophie. With a course of acupuncture they became pregnant naturally and now have a lovely healthy boy.

Abena suffered from polycystic ovaries and had also taken a contraceptive injection which can stay in the system for two years stopping normal periods and ovulation. After four months with Dr Sophie her polycystic ovaries were responding well to the treatment and she became pregnant. She says: "I highly recommend Herbal World. They tailor the treatment to individual needs and the staff are very friendly."

Rachel also had problems conceiving after using the contraceptive pills. She says: "I felt a difference after just one session and a few days later I got my period. I continued to see Dr Sophie and within a couple of months of treatment I had become pregnant. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who wants to take control of their medical issues."

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