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What difference can acupuncture make to infertility?acu-IVF_figure.gif

There are many scientific studies showing that acupuncture can remarkably increase pregnant rate, alone or combined with IVF. The figure on right clearly demonstrated the value of acupuncture in increasing the success rate of IVF, decreasing miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy risk and elevate the birth rate. (source of figure:

What is the successful rate Sophie achieved in treating infertility?

So far Sophie has achieved amazing 93% of success in treating infertility. After 3 to 6 months treatments these clients became pregnant, either naturally or by IVF.  All of them had tried for a few years or even suffered the failure of IVF before they approached Sophie.

What is Sophie's secret?

Not every acupuncture practitioner can achieve Sophie's success.  Sophie's achievement is based on her knowledge in both conventional medical sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She has special views in differentiating and analysing various types of infertility,  and has accumulated rich experience in choosing right acupuncture points at right stage of treatment based on the symptoms of each individual case.  In addition, Sophie is far more experienced in combining acupuncture with Chinese herbal therapy, which in many cases has been proved to be able to achieve aims more effectively in a relatively short period.

What is the benefits of Sophie's treatments?

Sophie has developed her unique treatment strategies to achieve the following aims:

Enhancing the general health to an ideal status for pregnancy.  An ill fruit tree is difficult to be flowering and fruiting, not mention high quality fruits.

Tuning the relevant reproductive organs to a harmony condition.  Pregnancy is a complex physiological process requiring the coordination of the reproductive organs.  Any weakest link will fail pregnancy.

Improving the quality of eggs and sperms. The quality of eggs and sperms (and their numbers), is not only essential for successful pregnancy, but also for the quality of the babies. Why the children in a family can be so different in their health, intelligence, mental strength, personality and learning abilities, though they have the same genes from their parents? The quality of eggs and sperms is the most important key factor.  Do you wish your child to go to Oxbridge or have very successful career in future? Sophie's help could be the first mile stone.

normal range
before treatment
after treatment
3.5 - 12.5 IU/L
14.2 7.8
LH 2.4 - 12.6 nmol/L
2.8 4.1
0.6 - 4.7 nmol/L
7.5 3.7
PRL 102 -496 mIU/L
115 126
E2 46 - 607 pmol/L 137 165
AMH 14.28 - 48.55 pmol/L 16.33 16.76

Balancing the hormones.  A few hormones are involved in reproduction process: follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinising hormone (LH), progesterone (P4), prolactin (PRL), 17-beta oestradiol (E2) and anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH). Normally the levels of all these hormones (except AMH) should vary inside a proper range in a coordinated pattern during the period cycle and pregnancy.  If the levels of one or more hormones are out the range, the pregnant possibility is low and miscarriage risk may be high. A typical example is shown in the table.  A client tried twice failed IVF before came to Sophie. Her initial hormone levels (follicular) are shown in third column and the levels are shown again in the fourth column after three months treatment. Clearly, the treatments led to normalisation of hormone levels and the subsequent IVF was successful and eventually a beautiful baby girl was born.

Preventing ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies are life threatening complications if not treated. It is the results of various reasons and can happen in IVF. As show in the figure above, acupuncture can significantly reduce the rate of ectopic pregnancies in IVF, apparently being effective too in natural pregnancy.

Reducing miscarriage risk. Getting pregnant is only the initial success as miscarriage is a potential risk afterward, particularly for those who have miscarriage history. Sophie applies a combination of measures to minimise the miscarriage risk. It has been proved that Sophie's strategy is very effective.

Insuring successful birth of baby.  Birth is the last hurdle of successful pregnancy.  Above figure shows that IVF alone can only reach 70% successful birth rate while acupuncture can elevate the rate to 95%, what a brilliant difference!

Speed up birth.  In some cases the babies do not come to the world on time: i.e. late pregnancy.  Sophie is able to solve such problem to speed up the birth. Please read the testimonial in a case .

Promoting baby's health. There is no doubt that a healthy, beautiful and intelligent baby is a wonderful gift for a couple. There is no surprise that all babies harvested after Sophie's treatments are generally very healthy and no single baby suffer any serious health problem after birth.

Do you still have doubt?

You are welcomed to book a no obligation consultation appointment with Sophie, so that she can analyse your case and data and answer your questions under no pressure.

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