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  Say goodby to head lice

bottle_pic.jpgHead lice are a constant and vexing childhood problem - both in school and at home. Although several powerful chemical products are available, many sepcies of head lice are becoming resistant to them. Consequently, these chemical products are proving ever more ineffective and in any case, parents are often loath to use such highly toxic preparations on their children. For all such parents there is now a natural alterative --- Rapid Head Lice Killer.

What does Rapid Head Lice Killer contain?

This highly effective herbal formula is made up of a number of aqueous extracts from a range of Chinese herbs such as Stemona Root. These herbs have been used for centuries in China to treat various species of human lice - head lice, body lice, public lice and cloth lice. These herbal extracts have, in other words, been well testedand proven to be completely safe.

How Rapid Head Lice Killer works?

Unlike the usual - chemical - formulas, our Rapid Head Lice Killer contains far more than just one effective substance and the head lice have thus little chance either of survival or developing resistance. Our unique formula destroys not only the adult head lice but also their eggs. Normally, therefore, only a single treatment is required. In fact Rapid Head Lice Killer is so powerful that several schools have recommended it to parents as the first line treatment for head lice.

What our customers say?

"......It certainly does work very quickly, I'm really impressed. I have not spotted any more head lice. I can't say thank you enough." J. Hardy, Richmond

"Hi, Herbal World customers! We would like to tell you of the "Rapid Headlice Killer" we bought here. It is extremely effective and our children much prefer this product to others, as it has no smell and is completely natural. We would recommend this product for the whole family." Mr + Mrs Clohessy, Southfield

"......It removed all head lice despite my Afro-style hair from which, as it's very curly, it's very difficult to get rid of head lice." M Roger, Horsham

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How to use Rapid Head Lice Killer ?

1. Recommended to use in the evening.
2. Wash hair with your usual shampoo and dry thoroughly.
3. Shake the bottle well & carefully spray the entire head of hair. To ensure that all the head lice are killed, it is important that no part of the scalp remains uncovered.
4. Gently massage the head to enable the lotion to spread evenly all over the hair.
5. Cover the hair using shower cap or cling film. This will maximise the lotion's effects by preventing premature drying out.
6. Allow the hair to remain covered over night. In the morning, again wash the hair thoroughly.

Where to buy Rapid Head Lice Killer ?

You can visit one of our centres if there is one nearby
. Alteratively, you can call us, buy over the phone and request postal delivery to you. (Contact us).