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What is Chinese Herbal Therapy?

Chinese Herbal Therapy is the main component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Together with Acupuncture, Tuina (massage) and other therapeutic techniques, Chinese Herbal Therapy has been practised and developed over a few thousands of years in China and is by far the most completed and advanced form of herbal therapies in the world today. The Chinese Pharmacopoeia collected about 6000 substances as Chinese herbs, but only about 200 herbs are most commonly used in practice worldwide.

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Under the guidance of the theories of TCM, a practitioner (TCM doctor) makes diagnosis using unique techniques and then prescribes two to twelve or more Chinese herbs to form the herbal remedy according to individual person's specific pattern of physical/mental imbalance or disharmony. The herbal remedies composed of raw Chinese herbs are normally taken as the form of herbal tea, however, many well established essential remedies are also available in the formulas of pills, tablets, capsules, granules or concentrated powders. Chinese Herbal Therapy can address any of the conditions treated by Western medicine as well as promote health and enhance well-being.

Why Chinese Herbal Therapy is very valuable as the most important natural therap

TCM is an important complementary medicine in western countries, but it has been and is still a mainstream medicine in China. Chinese herbs have been studied and tested over many generations in several thousands of years. As the results of the development since ancient time, Chinese herbs have been found to be effective to treat, cure or prevent a vast range of health conditions that are still the threats to the health and the quality of life.  It is appropriate to say that Chinese Herbal Therapy is particularly valuable for those conditions that modern medicine has not found satisfactory treatments.

Is Chinese Herbal Therapy safe?


Unlike those disappeared ancient medicines, it is fortunate that not only the characters and applications, but also the side effects and toxicities of Chinese herbs have been well observed and systematically recorded. In addition, the ways to reduce side effects or avoid toxicities of Chinese herbs were widely explored and summarised. For instance, in a Chinese herbal remedy, some herbs are used to achieve treatment effects while other herbs may be used to reduce or antagonise their unwanted side effects. Some special preparation methods were also developed to reduce or delete potential toxicities of some herbs. This allows the new generations of Chinese medical doctors to use Chinese herbs not only effectively but also safely.

It is worth to be mentioned, as a matter of fact, that the reported rate of toxicity and side effects related to the clinical use of Chinese herbs is only a very small fraction of that related to modern medicines. In addition, those Chinese herbs with known toxicities are either no longer in use or banned from use in some countries such as UK.

Therefore, as a general advice, Chinese Herbal Therapy is very safe if the Chinese herbs are used by qualified and well trained Chinese medical doctors, and the raw herbs and herbal formulas are manufactured and supplied by those respectable and regulated companies.

You are assured that all Chinese medical doctors employed by Herbal World are fully qualified and well trained at university level. We only use Chinese herbs and herbal formulas purchased from major suppliers based in UK and with respectable trading history.

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