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Dear Dr Sophie,

Very please to let you know that I had a scan and my 4cm fibroid is gone.
I would like to thank you for your extremely effective treatment and your help and support in past few months.
Thanks to you I will not need an operation anymore.


B. D.
Jill Heyde:


since I have been coming to herbal world in christchurch I feel much stronger and have a lot more energy. Friends and family have told me how well i look because I now have colour in my cheeks.

Thank you Ricky+Terry

Jill Heyde 18-05-2010
Maxwell Nkomo:



i practice kongfu almost four times a week. that leaves me very tired and exhausted. the doctor zhang told me about ginsen jelly and i used it. now i am very active to do move. i never want to stop once i am started.

i hope most people could try these chinese herbs. i feel very erergetic and full of life. everyone that knows me tells me that i look great.

i am so grateful with our chinese doctors.
C. Cox:

'I first met Mary (of Herbal World in Poole) back in September 2008 when I went in desperation for acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment. At the time I had various problems which had plagued me for many years. Symptoms such, as general lack of energy, muscle and joint pains, dry eyes, rhinitis, IBS, restless leg syndrome, calf and foot cramps, sleep problems, vaginal discharge, high blood pressure, palpitations, panic attacks, falling hair and weight loss. My GP had been unable to get to the bottom of the problems as none of my tests had come up with a reason. He told me I would have to live with all these symptoms, and I had reached rock bottom when my hair which had thinned to a point where my head was clearly visible and had receded so far back that I was on the verge of buying a wig.

At my first appointment Mary gave me such hope with her attitude and confidence that she could put me right.  Although it has been expensive and I have had to make many sacrifices I have definitely benefitted from the treatment. I have been able to dispense with the vaginal cream I had used for the past 6 years, as the discharge had all but gone; Quinine prescribed for cramps has been reduced from 300mg to 200mg and instead of taking one a day, I now take one every other day. With my GP's consent, I have come off of one of my two blood pressure tablets ('Atenalol'), and now only take one, Losartan per day. My blood pressure has reduced so much it is like a miracle, I am due to see my doctor in 2 months time with the view to maybe dispensing with the 'Losartan'. I am nearing the end of my treatment of herbs and acupuncture, and now have a treatment every 10 days, this will soon be extended to fortnightly, then hopefully monthly.
I have so much more energy now than for years, I am so grateful. Mary is a very pleasant girl who makes me feel comfortable and confident to be in her care.

Brian Keene,

I saw Dr. Mary last year because I had a high blood sugar count. She listened to me and treated me as a whole person. Not only has she lowered my suger level but has also reduced my weight considerably also my water retention has disappeared.
I feel so much better now and have a good working relationship with her unlike my N.H.S.GP.
Rita Keene:

I visited Dr. Mary of Herbal World last year for advice about I,B.S. which she treated with acupuncture and pills. She is very caring and professional and puts me at ease when ever I see her. It is a pleasure to be treated by her.
Bo Dobrucka:

Dear Doctor Sophie,

I wish to thank you for my facial acupuncture. The results are great. Everybody is telling me, that I look really young and fresh and asking me have I done something to my face......I, myself can see great difference in my skin plumpness and  smoothness. My fine lines are none existent and the deep ones greatly improved.

Thank you very much again.

Mr Jones:

Sometimes we gradually become ill & untill we reach the point where we have to do something about it. The practitioners at Herbal World have deep knowledge and commitment and will stay with the problem untill it is cured. Sometimes it feels that the symptoms highten but carrying through with the process of acupuncture and herbs I have found that the Chinese Medicine achieves very good results. The symptoms I have disappeard and results are good health and good function.

Mr & Mrs Bayliss:

Our son, Joshma Bayliss, aged 6 has suffered from asthma since he was 6 months old. Over a period of years inhalers and nebulizers combined with steroid treatment have failed to resolve the problem. Joshma has suffered from colds and chest infections with his breathing affected when exercising.

Since attending Herbal World over the last six months, his condition has improved remarkably. He no longer suffers from chest infections and his breathing was remained stable. His treatment has been to the satisfaction of our local GP. Whilst being septical at first we are now convinced the treatments have been extremely effective.

Linda M. Hamling:

I have found that the acupuncture which I have received here to be very effective in restoring my energy levels, and reactivating sluggish bowel movement (following a left hemi-colectomy 3 and half years ago, and further abdominal surgery in this year). Also the scar tissue has healed rapidly: 3 and half years ago it took 2 years to look as good as it does now, after 2 months of acupucnture.

The herbal medicine - both liquid and pills - have also played a major part in healing sluggish bowels and improving my very poor sleeping problems. I now sleep most of the night through, (when I wake it is for 10 minutes or so only) compared with laying awake for an hour or two every night. As a result I feel more normal and more energetic all the day. I'm hoping that this will improve further still.

Mrs M Regeis:

I bought some herbal remedy, Headlice Killer, for head lice. I have tried every head lice lotions on the market which failed. I also removed all my hair three times last year I bought Headlice Killer from Herbal World which removed all head lice and eggs. I have Africa style hair which is very difficult to get rid of head lice as it is very curly. I recommend this herbal remedy as it really works. P.S. After 1 treatment all head lice left my head.


Dear Herbal World, thank you for your help with my skin trouble. Despite having had the problem for over a year with no improvement from antibiotics, creams and traditional treatments from my Doctor your herbal treatments have virtually cleared it up completely. Your sympathetic treatment and patience was also very much appreciated.

Mrs J. Williams:

I have suffered from M.E. for six years. This has left me unable to work and the task of raising our children almost impossible. I had been visiting the Chinese clinic for three weeks and already I am beginning to feel better. I find the results of the acupuncture quite amazing. I have heard the alarm clock go off for the first time in six years! I have much more energy and I am sleeping less hours.

I have tried homeopathy, reflexology, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy and exercise. The Chinese herbs and acupuncture are the first thing to make a big change in me. I feel like I am getting my life back. I am so grateful.

Mrs Frost:

My son Tom had a terrible cough and was sick for 6 weeks, he had antibiotics and medicine bought from chemists. Nothing worked. I came here because Tom was getting worse instead of better. Within 2 days of using the prescribed herbs, Tom slept through the night, stopped being sick, and is improving daily. I can thoroughly recommend this form of medicine. It worked for Tom.


I have suffered from severe migraines for many years. They always lasted 3 to 4 days. I have tried all kinds of prescribed medicines without any relief. I also saw a migraine specialist who relieved my symptoms for a few months then migraine returned.

A few weeks ago I felt a migraine starting when I was in Wimbledon. I was walking past the Herbal World and decided to pop in. I had a session of acupuncture and the migraine was relieved. After a second session it went completely and I was able to carry on my everyday activities without any problems. I recommend anyone who has migraine to try acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments.